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Many homeowners have worked to develop good habits for their home maintenance—especially when it comes to their indoor air quality. They might run the vacuum every week, replace their air filters every other month, and schedule their HVAC maintenance on an annual basis. But what about duct cleaning? All too often, homeowners forget about the […]

4 Ways to Refresh Stale Indoor Air
March 21, 2018

leaves in fall and the brisk air in winter. Come spring and summer, though, it’s another matter entirely. Poor indoor air quality during this time of year can feel either humid and stuffy, or terribly stale. A lot of people will crack open a window to try to fix the situation. But there’s a much […]

That happy feeling when you take a deep breath of fresh air doesn’t only have to be an outdoor thing. Indoor spaces can get great air quality, too! We use AC units and furnaces to correct our indoor comfort level, but cleanliness should be equally important. No one wants to breathe dust and mold and […]

People who suffer from seasonal allergies have been hit hard in 2017. Allergy symptoms flared up as early as February, and Indiana Public Media put the blame on our mild winter and early spring weather. So how do you get relief? Load up on allergy meds? Close yourself off to Mother Nature? There’s no real clear-cut […]

Indoor air quality in winter can leave a lot to be desired. It’s easy to tell when our home’s temperature is too cold, but what about when the air gets too dry or dirty? Being cooped up inside can make us forget what clean air is actually like. This time of year, it helps to […]

We know cold and flu season is right around the bend when the leaves fall and the temperatures drop. But before you start stocking up on tissues, take a minute to review your home. Research shows that your indoor environment can make a big impact on your seasonal influenza risks. Chapped lips and static shocks […]

Where does all this dust come from?
August 23, 2016

Every home is going to encounter problems with dust—that’s just how life goes. Dust is all around us, so it’s only natural for it to collect on the shelves. There are some practical ways to reduce and remove dust week-to-week (more chores, anyone?), but you might consider a more permanent solution if you really want […]

People will sometimes associate their indoor air quality with things like scented candles, carpet refreshers, and fragrance plug-ins. We all want to live in homes that don’t “smell bad,” but those scented store products won’t actually take care of any air problems. According to the EPA, the level of air pollutants we’re exposed to indoors […]

It can be so difficult to feel cozy in winter when there’s freezing cold air outside and harsh, dry air inside. If your skin is dry or itchy, or it seems like you’re getting shocked every day in your home, you’re probably suffering from low humidity. Fortunately, a humidifier can offer an easy fix. A […]

Wreck or Protect? How Water Affects Your Appliances A guest blog article by: Indy Soft Water We all want to get the most out of our home appliances, but one of the biggest ways to prevent repairs (outside of regular maintenance services) is something so simple, we often forget it—our water! The kind of water […]

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